Rules of the Road

1. Only Fresh food, coffee, and water shall be consumed in the car (read: NO fast food).

Update: Joe moves that the Coffee category be expanded to include energy drinks. The ayes have it – mostly because energy drinks give him laser focus which means he can drive crazy far, so the rest of us don’t have to – and the motion carries.

2. All family members will participate in at least 30 minutes of activity per day.

3. If we know someone in a stopover city, we will reach out to them (so, get ready. The Davises r guna b slidin in2 ur DMs).

4. We will be intentional about staying in touch with family, old friends, and new friends.

5. Under no circumstances will any member of this family become pregnant on this journey (looking at you, Moxie).

6. Forrest Gump Rules: When we get tired, we sleep. When we get hungry, we eat. When we have to go…you know…we go.

7. We will say yes to detours, unplanned stops, and things that take us outside our comfort zones;

8. We will be patient with ourselves and each other when plans go awry (i.e: Jordan gets us lost or forgets to fill the gas tank).

9. If we need to stop moving for a day – no driving, no planning, no sightseeing – we will allow ourselves that time without feeling guilty or wasteful.

10. We will take this time away from our traditional careers to find other ways of doing meaningful and productive work in the world.