Joe + Jordan

We’re Joe + Jordan. We met in Nashville in 2007 and spent the subsequent decade falling in love over a mutual appreciation of objectively bad early-aughts punk rock. In 2014, we combined our terrible record collections (that’s Nashville speak for “got married”). We made big promises and little promises, our favorites of which are these:

To each do productive work at home and in the world

To always approach the unknown with curiosity and joy

After a combined 20+ years in Nashville, there was increasingly less “unknown” to be approached; more work being done at home than in the world. So, in 2018, we set out to find some “unknown” with our dog, some loose plans, and just the right amount of curiosity and joy.

We are not hobos, trust fund babies, or independently wealthy self-indulgent millennials shirking adult responsibilities. We are best friends with promises to keep.

About Joe

Joe is a licensed drummer who plays a CPA in his spare time. Hobbies include judging and ranking French fries, blindly believing in Sasquatch, and working movie quotes into everyday conversation.

Favorite Early 00’s Punk Rock Song: “The Anthem” by Good Charlotte

Favorite Travel Snack(s): Peanut Butter Ritz Bits/Mountain Dew (the sole and pointed reason we need Rule No. 1)

Favorite Travel Destination (so far): Dublin, Ireland

About Jordan

Jordan is an only child and fluent German speaker (see our “What’s in a Name” page). She is a devoted pen-and-paper-phile who believes in the healing powers of snail mail and Joni Mitchell (to Joe and Moxie’s extreme disappointment).

Favorite Early 00’s Punk Rock Song: “You’re So Last Summer” by Taking Back Sunday

Favorite Travel Snack(s): Strawberry Sour Straws

Favorite Travel Destination (so far): Reykjavik, Iceland