2018 Nashville Gift Guide

2018 Nashville Gift Guide

Happy Black Friday to all!

With the exception of a couple long weekends, we will be grounded at home in Nashville for the next month or so, resting, reflecting, and recovering (Joe’s surgery is scheduled for November 28th and should, mercifully, be minor).

“Home” for us, as it happens, seems to be one of the biggest tourist destinations in the U.S. right now. It’s easy for us to take that for granted. While we’ve spent the last few months appreciating what the rest of the country has to offer, we’ve neglected to prop up our own hometown, which is jammed with creative, conscientious people making exciting products.

So, we decided to create a Nashville Gift Guide in honor of the city we grow to love just a little bit more every time we leave it.

1. Maddie Lounging on Things  by Theron Humphrey

Theron Humphrey is a Nashville-based photographer who has the most delectable instagram account, @thiswildidea (seriously…he has over one million followers). He frequently travels with his dog, Maddie, who is irresistibly snuggly and seemingly very cooperative in front of the camera (Moxie, take note). His books Maddie Lounging on Things and Maddie On Things make hip gifts for the dog-or-travel lover on your list.

2.  Handmade Wallet from Lockeland Leatherworks

Lockeland Leatherworks is based in our neck of the Nashville woods, East Nashville. It’s a small operation churning out carefully crafted leather pieces. Their studio takes visitors by appointment only, but you can shop online and see their stuff at @lockelandleatherworks on Instagram.

3. Sweet Treats from Olive & Sinclair

Another East Nashville gem. If you visit their kitchen and showroom in Nashville, Olive & Sinclair seems like a small operation, but we’ve seen their chocolate bars and caramels in stores all around the Southeast, so we get the impression they’re expanding. Which is good, because their products are incredibly delicious. They are perhaps best known for their chocolate but nothing beats their duck fat caramels. At least, that’s what Jordan says. Joe prefers the Bourbon Nib Brittle.

You can shop in their small showroom if you’re nearby (you can even book a tour of their “bean to bar” chocolate factory). But, all varieties are also available online. They even have gift sets for sale. @oliveandsinclair on Instagram.

4. Chukka Boots from Nisolo

This one is Joe’s pick. We discovered Nisolo a few years ago and he has invested in multiple pairs of their classic chukka boots since then. The shoes are ethically made out of beautiful leather in Nisolo’s own factory in Peru. Nisolo’s mission is to create jobs that offer safe and pristine working conditions and fair wages and healthcare. They also use ethically-sourced materials. If you are interested in reading more about Nisolo’s operations, you can read about it on their website.

Nisolo also sells women’s styles and leather goods beyond shoes including bags and jewelry. @nisoloshoes on Instagram.

5. A Handpoured Candle from Southern Firefly Candle Co.

Southern Firefly Candle Co. is a family business that started in a Nashville kitchen. That’s as local as it gets. The candles smell great, they burn forever, and they even have a holiday collection out now. If you’re not into candles because you have kids and kids shouldn’t be near fire (or something – we dunno, are kid houses candle-free?), they also have room sprays and diffusers. @southernfireflycandle on Instagram.

6. Organic Hemp Collar from Earth Dog

Moxie’s pick! All of Earth Dog’s ego-friendly products are made in the U.S.A. and are primarily made of hemp materials. If you’re all set on collars, they have plenty of other products to choose from. @earthdoglife on Instagram.

7. Naturally Dyed Textiles from Honor|Of

Honor|Of is a woman-owned operation offering textiles hand-dyed with dyes made from local plants. Our favorite product is the market tote, but the sleeper favorite is the collection of velvet scrunchies that are perfect throwback gifts for your girlfriends. Jordan had the opportunity to meet the creator of Honor|Of last year and was blown away by her warm energy and positive attitude. If you are looking to support more women entrepreneurs, please start here. @honor_of on Instagram.

8. Nashville Merch from Project 615

Project 615 was founded as a fundraising and awareness project to combat addiction and homelessness in Nashville. It has now donated over $300,000 to related causes and employ 49 people who are in recovery from addiction or homelessness. A purchase of one of their “Love People” t-shirts can apparently provide 20 meals to people in need. As if that weren’t enough, we can personally attest to the quality and coziness of these t-shirts. You won’t be disappointed. @project615 on Instagram.