Jordan’s turning THE BIG 3-0!

We are celebrating by making sure that YOU get a chance at a birthday present.

This is your classic “send us followers and you’ll be entered to win a free thing” giveaway, with a slight twist: the prize the winner will receive depends on how many new followers we get over the course of the giveaway.

The more followers we get, the bigger the prize. 

All of the prizes are local treasures from the location where we will travel for Jordan’s international Birthday Getaway. The grand prize is something Jordan herself has been eye-balling as a birthday trip souvenir, so let’s get her twinning with one lucky winner!

You can see the prizes and the terms of #THEBIGFREEO Giveaway in the infographic above. Here are a few final details. Good luck!

#thebigfreeo giveaway starts: Monday, September 24th

#thebigfreeo giveaway Closes: Sunday, September 30th at 11:59PM EST

#thebigfreeo Winner Announced: Monday, October 1st (Jordan’s Birthday)