Pretirement Engage: Leg Two

Pretirement Engage: Leg Two

Today we are leaving for our second (and almost-twice-as-long-as-the-first) leg of our U.S. Pretirement tour.

This leg, as with the first, was planned around immoveable time considerations.

The first is the wedding of our very dear friends, Ashley and Nick, who are getting married at the end of October. We will make it back to Nashville in time to drive to Indiana for their wedding with our little Nashville Crew.

The second is Jordan’s 30th birthday, which is October 1st. We are taking a special trip out of the country, and the cheapest flights were out of Denver, so we made it our goal to be in Denver in time to catch that flight.

This itinerary will be pretty nature-and-national-park-heavy; Yellowstone, The Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Jackson Hole, Yosemite, Moab, and the Redwoods are all on the docket.

We’ll also be driving the Pacific Coast Highway (“PCH”), which is something we’ve wanted to do for years and years. We actually had plans to do it in 2015, but we bought a house instead, and all “fun” spending was frozen for a while. Sigh – accountants. We will start in Malibu and drive north. Having seen SoCal on the first leg, starting our second California leg in Malibu will ensure we see all of the coast which, again, is really exciting for us.

Jordan is particularly looking forward to seeing Alcatraz – she’s got a weird prison “thing”. Never misses an opportunity to drag Joe through an abandoned jail – and The Redwoods. Joe has, of course, worked in a detour to the Bigfoot capital of the U.S.

We will also see some friends along the way, just like on our first leg. We’ve loved how this trip has brought into sharp focus how expansive, brave, and diverse a network we have. From us to you: y’all rule.

You can see our planned stops above. PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM. Some of the best advice we got on our first trip out was from friends and family.

We love hearing from you when we’re on the road, be it via email, Instagram, text, or phone call. We appreciate you engaging with us and encouraging us in our unorthodox adventure more than we can say here on a dumb little website.

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