Louisiana: The Playlist

Louisiana: The Playlist

We are on our way to New Orleans this morning. We’ll be taking the scenic route from Panama City Beach all the way down the coast, avoiding highways as much as possible. It adds something like four hours to the trip but, historically, we are not major appreciators of “the journey” and we are trying to get better at that…and lots of other stuff, but that’s the thing we’re focusing on today.

Check out our Louisiana Playlist on Spotify and read about our song choices below.

1. 99 Problems by Hugo

2. Swamp Groove by The Delta Saints

The Delta Saints got their start at Belmont where Joe and I both went to college. It was hard to choose just one of their songs for this playlist, so if you like this one, you should check them out.

3. Jordan by Roanoke

You know why.

4. Methamphetamine by Old Crow Medicine Show

Drive through rural Louisiana and tell me this word doesn’t cross your mind at least once every ten miles.

5. Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers Band

I’m on my way to New Orleans this morning/leaving out of Nashville, Tennessee/

They’re always having a good time down on the bayou/ them Delta women think the world of me

6. Je danse donc je suis by Brigitte Bardot

A nod to the French influence in New Orleans and how much it makes us want to boogie.

7. Brother in the Night by The Weeks

If my southern heart’s still pumping blood/we’ll bury my money in the mighty Mississippi mud

If my southern lungs won’t let me breathe/I’ll wait for the cicadas/and I’ll let them push it out for me

8. Bourbon Street Parade by the New Harlem Ramblers

I really – REALLY – want to join a Bourbon Street parade. I didn’t do it last time I was in New Orleans and I am virtually insisting on it this time. I’ll keep you posted.

9. Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family

You may recognize this as the theme song from True Detective season one, which was set in Louisiana and is basically the single thing that most informs my opinion of Louisiana which, I admit, is sub-optimal.

10. Mississippi by Bob Dylan

The only thing that I did wrong/I stayed in Mississippi a day too long

Amen to that.

I am in a hot-and-heavy Bob Dylan phase. I can’t tell if Joe is enjoying it, too, or merely indulging me, which he is wont to do. This is a top-five favorite of mine. If you don’t want to listen to Bob Dylan himself sing it, because he sounds like an alley cat who’s smoked two packs a day for 70 years and who, every so often, someone sneaks up behind and suddenly squeezes all the air out of, you can just google the lyrics and it will have the same emotional impact.

The Dixie Chicks also do a killer live cover, if you’re into their whole thing. I say that as someone who unequivocally is.

Also, to state the obvious, this song is about Mississippi and not Louisiana, but they have the whole Delta thing in common, and I love this song but we’re not even driving through Mississippi, so I won’t get a chance to use it otherwise, so I think we should all just agree to get over it and move on.