Pretirement Engage: The Playlist

Pretirement Engage: The Playlist

It’s been decided that whenever we feel so inspired, we will share a playlist that exemplifies the energy of something we’re doing or a place we’re visiting. There are no particular boxes a song has to tick to be added to the playlist – it could be something as simple as an apropos band name or song title. Often, there will be a particular line that jumps out to us as relevant, but it also may just be a song we liked and listened to a lot at a particular time.

We’ll make the playlists public on Spotify and make an explanatory post available to anyone who cares – it may be a little “2003 AIM profile” for some and we get that. Take this as a loving invitation to skip it if it’s not for you or you hate our taste in music, which is valid. Sometimes, even we hate our taste in music. But we just can’t quit us.

We are officially in Pretirement. Today is our first day on the road, and we’ve made a playlist for the occasion. Check us out.

1. Manifest Destiny by Guster

You and I could quit this scene/build a town and then secede/like an Adam and an Eve

“Manifest Destiny” is a cheeky title for a playlist RE: American exploration. Although, we anticipate having a far less devastating impact than the OG MD. Only figurative expansion for us.

2. No Roots by Alice Merton

You get it.

3. Vagabond by Wolfmother

cc: #2

4. Read My Mind by The Killers

A southern drawl and a world unseen/ a city wall and a trampoline

I love this song. I have always heard it as a romantic anthem about busting out of some sort of physical or mental or emotional or spiritual box. Mostly, I love the visual of someone taking off to see the world by literally escaping over a wall on a trampoline.

5. Get Out by Chvrches

Because it’s what we’re doing.

6. America by Simon & Garfunkel

This one is a gimme, probably, but bone-chilling harmonies really pump us up.

7. Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart

A year from now we’ll all be gone/all our friends will move away/and they’re going to better places/but our friends will be gone away

Nothing is as it has been/and I miss your face like hell/and I guess it’s just as well/but I miss your face like hell

We’ll be honest: we do not know any other songs by The Head and the Heart. we don’t listen to them, which is why it was weird when, as we were deciding whether or not Pretirement was the right decision, we were hearing this song everywhere.

The difficulty in the decision to pretire centered entirely around the bittersweetness of leaving Nashville – specifically, the relationships we’ve built there. Things are pretty perfect for us right now – thirty-ish is a sweet spot: we have expendable income and no children and our friends are in the same boat. We’ve spent the last few years focusing on ourselves and each other and our friends, and we’ve been part of their focus, too.

Simply put: we want what’s happening now to last forever. But, of course, it can’t. Things will change eventually and staying in Nashville wouldn’t stop that from happening. It’s bittersweet, just like this damn song I can’t get away from.

8. Jackie and Wilson by Hozier

This song has a real Bonnie and Clyde vibe to it, but with a slightly more relatable degree of mischief.

9. Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks is a woman king and whenever Jordan is asked to envision the face of God or Jesus or the woman she’d be prepared to commit to for life, it’s always Stevie. You can expect to hear a lot more of her on subsequent playlists.

10. In a Big Country by Rogue Wave

A fun cover with a topical title.