Pretirement Engage

Pretirement Engage

If you’re new to Fahr + Away and you’re wondering what the hell is going on: stop here. Take some time to get up to speed. Here’s some suggested reading:

WTF (Introducing Fahr + Away)

Our Plan


We are exactly one week away from our first day on the road.

Our bags are not packed and our house is not ready and we’re really not sure where Moxie currently stands on this whole thing so we will spend the next week trying to get to the bottom of that but WE HAVE AN ITINERARY, BY GOD.

You can see a barebones outline of the itinerary on our perfect, beautiful, meticulously curated map graphic, which I spent more time creating than I’m willing to admit and will therefore be referencing as often as possible.

The large pins denote actual destinations, where we plan to spend more than a few days. Small pins denote stopover spots, where we will camp or have a quick stay with hospitable pals. 

When we started planning, we had a general idea of:

  1. What we wanted to see
  2. How often we needed to be back in Nashville

More than anything else, #2 really informed how we planned our routes because we had time constraints that we needed to work within to make sure we were home for long-planned events.

Given those considerations, the first leg (carefully outlined in the above map graphic) organically shook out to become the Southwest portion of our trip.

We will ramble around until September 4th, when we will roll back into Nashville so that Joe can attend a bachelor party.

So, if you see your city on this itinerary (carefully outlined in the above map graphic) we want to see you! and probably stay with you at no charge tbh. We will likely be getting in touch.

YOU can also reach out to US. We’ll be excited to hear voices other than our own. We want your recommendations and local wisdom and insider tips. Get in touch, stay engaged, and share your knowledge with us.

You’ll be hearing from us.